I’m An Old Man Wishing I Had Ear Plugs

01 Aug

So as I posted today already, I attended our Haiti Benefit Concert two nights ago at the Loft, organized by James Defrees of Crossroads Church, which you can read some deeper thoughts about here.  I couldn’t just post on my Haiti reflections after such a life-changing experience though.  When I say life-changing, I mean that I think I permanently lost my hearing in my right ear, after experiencing my first ever heavy metal concert, up close and personal next to the ginormous speakers.  I felt like such an old man, so wishing I had ear plugs (knowing how rad that would make me look), while the 18-21 year old’s all around me were jumping up and down and yes, even a bit of head-banging–although I’ll be honest I would have liked to see a bit more head-banging (who can really do that without getting a huge headache?!  There must be some technique to it that I am not privy to)–I just kept thinking “I wonder if this ringing in my ears will ever stop?”

Needless to say, I had a great time.  The show consisted of:

Kelsey Rottiers & The Rising Tide – Excellent music!  I bought their CD, which is going to make great music to listen to while working in my office, driving, or reading.  I am no music critic so I don’t know all of the cool vocabulary words they use for genres but this is my style of music to chill to: folky, acoustic, and good.  And it was great to meet a fellow Golden Eagle.

The Plug Ugly – Brett Linsley is the man.  Really enjoyed his solo acoustic set and looking forward to seeing him be a famous musician someday.  And I can say “I knew him when he played at the Haiti Benefit Concert!”.  Brett’s music has a great vibe to it, creative lyrics, and is one I will continue to follow and attend more live shows at.

Kelly Deanne and the Octagon Band – Kelly’s music is the type you’d hear on 94.1, one of my favorite stations.  Rock/Pop/Alternative.  Their full band sound did a great job of bridging the acoustic beginning of our show with the harder end.  Their music was great and as an added bonus: they were rockin’ the accordion baby!

I Am Eternity – My first intro into heavy metal.  Like I hinted at, not my cup of tea genre-wise (because I’m an old man), but they really did a great a job and I also loved how they tactfully and gracefully shared how Jesus has transformed their life.  Also loved their support of the Red Thread Movement, where you buy a red bracelet, which supports girls rescued from sex slavery, who are the ones hand-making the bracelets.  I am currently rocking one on my wrist, which is a great reminder to be in prayer for these girls and conscious of how I need to be investing my life to make an impact.

Bridegroom  – My 2nd experience in the land of heavy metal.  These guys were great — I was very impressed with how the drummer, Daniel Posthuma, was able to do most of the lead singing while also going nuts on the drums.  Whereas I have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time. I loved the audience interaction and the great show they put on.  Also good instructions on how to dance heavy metal from Will and Bridegroomer Andrew: act like you are fighting phantom ninjas (while they swirled their arms in wild circles)

Thanks to all these great bands for supporting our cause in Haiti.  Please support these bands by purchasing/downloading their music, and attending their upcoming live shows!

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